Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 60 Day Subscription

Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 60 Day Subscription

15.00 every 2 months

Our Arbosana olives produce an oil with a strong hint of green tea that's also nutty and woody. It is a robust oil with a strong, peppery finish.


We grow two different varieties of olive trees on our ranch. The Arbequina and Arbosana varieties originated in Spain and thrive in our California Central Coast climate. They both produce high quality and delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The California Olive Oil Council taste tests our oils from each yearly harvest and provides a detailed description of their attributes. Here is what the taste panel has said about our oils:

The Templeton Olive Oil Arbequina produces an oil with strong hints of artichoke and green olive, with a woody, nutty finish. It is a strong, robust oil with a definite peppery finish.  

The Templeton Olive Oil Arbosana has a strong hint of green tea, and is also nutty and woody. It is a robust oil with a strong, peppery finish as well.
Both of these oils are deliciously fresh and strong. They are wonderful for salads, dipping, or marinating, as well as perfect for cooking. Try them both and see if you can distinguish the differences yourself! Enjoy!

(We use our Arbequina for our Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil.)
California extra virgin olive oil from Templeton California bottled in a beautiful 375ml green bottle.

Templeton Olive Oil uses eco-friendly recycled materials in all of our packaging. Our goal is to use as many products manufactured in the USA as possible, from our labels and bottles to our packaging materials.

We have blended the delicious taste of fresh lemon oil with our extra virgin olive oil to create the taste many are looking for: Lemon Infused Templeton Olive Oil! This is great on salads, as a marinade, or a special dipping oil. We hope you enjoy!

A percentage of all profits goes directly to local charities and medical missions abroad. Thank you for purchasing our California Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we hope you enjoy it!