Are Templeton Olive Oils certified?

Absolutely. All Templeton Olive Oils are certified by the California Olive Oil Council, a testament to our family's commitment to producing delicious, healthy olive oils of the highest quality. Learn more about COOC's strict evaluation methodology by clicking the link below.

Certification Process - California Olive Oil Council

What exactly does "cold-pressed" mean?

The term "Cold Press" refers to two ideas: "Cold" indicates that no heat is added during the processing of the olives, and "Press" is a general term referring to the traditional devices used to crush the olives. Because heat can diminish or otherwise negatively affect the flavor of olive oil, there's strong consensus that cold-pressing provides a fresher, fruitier olive oil with a more detailed flavor profile and more subtle notes.

Can I order wholesale for my restaurant or store?

In most circumstances, yes, though a lot depends on yields from a particular harvest. Contact us with your request and we'll do our best to provide you with all the delicious extra virgin olive oil you need?

What's the difference between Arbosana and Arbequina olives?

Arbosana and Arbequina are cultivars (i.e., "cultivated varieties") of olives, each of which is especially well-suited to producing high quality extra virgin olive oils.

Arbequina olives are highly aromatic, small, symmetrical and dark brown, with a rounded apex and a broad peduncular cavity. In Europe, they're mostly grown in Catalonia, Spain, as well as Aragon and Andalusia. Other well-established Arbequina olive farms can be found in Argentina, Chile, Australia, and of course, California. Arbequina olives have become one of the dominant olive cultivars in the world.

Arbosana is another olive cultivar from Spain. Arbosana thrives in super-high density growing systems, making them perfect for efficient, sustainable farming. Arbosana is considered a more robust olive than Arbequina. It tastes more peppery, and also delivers a higher level of polyphenols – the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.